Financial analysis

OFFICE SEARCH analysis examine carefully the financial viability of each investment you make . We are able to differentiate individual variables in order to assess each impact on project synthesis budgets, operating budgets and the associated returns on each one of them. Our analysis ensure that each of our clients get a maximum return on their investment,considering various factors that help in determining the buy according to the clients'requiremnts.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the process of evaluating a prospective business decision by getting information about the financial, legal and other material states of the other party.

Due diligence is used most often when leasing a property, as the lessee spends time going through the financial situation of the estate, legal obligations, and other documents. The prospective lessee want to validate his/her opinion of the property to see if it is truly a good decision.

Negotiation strategies & restructuring

OFFICE SEARCH negotiation strategies are to make the best decision to maximize your results. The common mistakes normally done during negotiations are:

  • Poor preparation.
  • Irrational commitment to position.
  • Fixed pie belief.
  • Anchoring & framing.

OFFICE SEARCH is very strong in preparation and commitment to clients without insisting on a fixed model and is very fixable in anchoring & framing the client requirements on a best practices service model. Our main focus is to be unique and prove the difference from our competitors and our strength in negotiation and restructuring strategies of the business clients.

Agency & brokerage services

OFFICE SEARCH professionals are very active in the entire major markets pan india basis, revealing hidden opportunities, marketing properties & optimally locating for clients. OFFICE SEARCH goal is to gain a complete understanding of how the investments fits into our clients business plans and then delivers customized solutions and services by actively counseling, fulfilling, and working on behalf of investors, landlords and tenants from end to end on every stage of the process.

OFFICE SEARCH specializes and offers the following services:

  • Lease advisory.
  • Commercial office space for all business groups.
  • Retail services .

Premium Properties

Premium Property Solutions we deal with off market, first selection launches, exclusive allocations and premium re-sales. Our service guides you through the purchasing process into a successful settlement.

Managed office

Office space: fitted, furnished and managed Projects, overflow and swing space Short to medium term for 20 people and above.

Office space tailored to your needs with fixed cost peace of mind. Office search will source, fit-out and manage your office enabling you to focus on your business. No up-front capital expense. No dilapidation costs.